Stefano Bruzzo G.

B.A. in Economics ·

I’m Stefano Bruzzo, an Economist from the Universidad de Chile. My main research and labor interests revolve around reducing inequalities, on both income and quality services access, and improving the efficiency of resource allocation from the public sector around the society. I’m particularly interested on characterization of risk groups and their particular needs (such as poor population, the elderly and vulnerable children), gender inequalities and fair income distribution.

Currently, I’m working at the Ministry of Social Development, at the Government of Chile, advising the Minister and the Under Secretary of Social Evaluation on data analysis, population characterization and program evaluation in order to make better-informed decisions and designing more efficient social programs.

About this site: I’m very interested on spreading knowledge, so this site it’s intended to be a platform for anyone interested to communicate, networking and sharing both my work and yours, in order to -hopefully- help expanding the knowledge boundaries a little bit.

You can read more about me on my [CV] and check my research [here].

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